Mahendra Singh Dhoni will become the next coach of T20, Rahul Dravid is out of the coach.

There is a big news for the fans of Team India and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Mahendra Singh Dhoni can be seen carrying a big responsibility in India very soon, Mahendra Singh Dhoni can be made the next new coach of Team India, but this means It will happen that Rahul Dravid will be removed from Team India, then what is the next plan of BCCI regarding Rahul Dravid? When will Mahendra Singh Dhoni be seen taking up the new responsibility in Team India? When will there be a big upheaval? Watch only and only to know. This page of education facts.

Team India’s continuous poor performance in the T20 World Cup has forced the BCCI to take a decision. If sources are to be believed, BCCI is soon going to start the split captaincy and split coaching format like the cricket board, which means This means that there will be different captains for two different formats and two coaches will also be made for the team, in such a situation, while Rahul Dravid will be the coach of Team India in Test and ODI formats, it is possible that the team will be coached in T20 format. Mahendra Singh Dhoni may enter as the new coach of India.

If we talk about the present, currently Dravid is the coach of all three formats of Team India, but BCCI can very soon include Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the T20 coaching staff. Team India is the team that plays the most international cricket in a year, so to reduce the workload of Rahul Dravid, BCCI can include Mahendra Singh Dhoni in T20.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was included as the coach of Team India in the World Cup 2021 but at that time Mahendra Singh Dhoni was in the team as a mentor. Due to Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s limited tenure, Mahendra Singh Dhoni could not do anything special for Team India.

BCCI knows that by adding Mahendra Singh Dhoni to the team full time, the team will not only perform well but can also prepare new players in a better way for the shorter format of cricket. Team India will play the ODI tournament in India in 2023 and 2024. Keeping in mind the 2024 World Cup being played in West Indies and America, BCCI can appoint Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the next coach.

It is being told that after 2023 IPL, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will not be seen playing even in the Local Committee IPL and will bid farewell to cricket completely. As soon as Dhoni bids farewell to IPL, he can be included as the new coach of Team India. is.

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